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Business is an organised set up in an economy, w... Show more

Business is an organised set up in an economy, where goods and services are exchanged for a price. In business, a buyer and a seller both exists. Therefore, buying and selling has to happen on a consistent basis for any business to sustain.
Any ad put up with intent to expose goods or products to its intended consumers, can be called a Business ad. The final purpose of a business ad is to seek buyers and generate sales, thereby generating income.
Newspaper advertising being the most effective means of mass communication is the highest and most sought after means of advertising in this regard.
In Business ads, there are Generic ads which give general information about products or services. It says more about the offer and its advantages. Then there are Visual ads which showcases the look, effect and availability information like the website or the direct contact point. Then there are Announcement ads in which an announcement is made to th  Show less

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