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on Thu, 28 Jan 2016 16:18:59 IST ....Place an Obituary Ad because.. Obituary ads ... Show more
....Place an Obituary Ad because..
Obituary ads are placed in the fond memory of someone whom we have lost or have some fond memories. You may not be able to inform all your relatives about the death, so an ad will serve the purpose for you. Here’s a sample of an Obituary ad :
Expired on: 1-12-2010, Marka Ceremony on 3-12-2010, Bet. 5.00 pm to 5.30 pm at X XX S.V. rd, Mumbai. Deeply Mourned By Relatives & Friends Mob: 988XXX989XX

Obituary ads are of different type ;some of which are mentioned below.
"Death Announcement" Obituary Ads:- You need this ad to make a death announcement. That’s simple and straight.
"Sad Demise" Obituary Ads:- This ad is also to also make death announcements however, this Obituary ad is usually chosen in cases where someone passes away in unnatural circumstances .
"Chautha" Obituary Ads:-This pooja ceremony is on the 4th day after death where family members and relatives gather for "Shanti path" and "Ge  Show less

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