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Remembrances Ads Here, we are not talking ... Show more

Remembrances Ads

Here, we are not talking about the “Remembrance Day" which is observed worldwide as a day to honour people who have died in wars.
This "Remembrance” here in India, plainly refers to someone who has passed away and is being remembered. We have gone by the Literal meaning of the word “remembrance”. Yes, you can remember someone on a particular day in a year and call it a Remembrance Day. You can put an “In Remembrance” ad to: Father, mother brother, sister, or any close relative, because you remember that person on a particular day of the year and wish commemorate the anniversary.

Why we need to remember someone? Why we need to place a Remembrance ad?
A Remembrance is: our memories associated with a person.
There is no need for reasons to be given when it’s a matter of emotions. Emotions cannot be explained in words but only with action.  Show less

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