The Hell Of Osirak

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Tags : osirak, hell, year1981, hell of osirak, , , ... The year is 1981. The Osirak nuclear facility will become operational... Show more
The year is 1981. The Osirak nuclear facility will become operational in a few weeks. Can British spy Nikki Sinclair stop an Armageddon of unimaginable horror and destruction from engulfing the Middle East?
Sinclair is sent on a mission that will be fraught with danger, deception and betrayal. Unexpectedly she encounters her ex- lesbian lover, Dvora Bar Zahavi who is an agent for the Mossad. Is this a coincidence? Or are dark forces gathering around Sinclair? Sparks fly again, and Sinclair’s emotions are twisted and torn, can she trust Dvora? Can she trust her own side? Or perhaps no one at all?
Sinclair begins to understand that she is little more than a pawn in a dangerous, international political game of physical intimacy.
This high stakes action packed, grand panoramic espionage thriller is set in five countries and over three continents. Loosely based on a true story, code named Operation Opera by the Israelis, this thrilling book by Jaye Rothman will i  Show less

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