COUPON Water Filter Reviews for Malaysian Families

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A water filter is a necessity for every Malaysian home. It is an investment that every family should make, especially the ones with kids. If you want to assure your family of safe drinking water all the time, then it's compulsory that you install one of these. Ideally enough, there are many brands and models of water filters available in the market today. But the question is, which one should you go for?

There are a few well-known brands in Malaysia -- Diamond, Coway, Amway, and 3M. A consumer survey was recently conducted with the intention of finding the best water filter to buy. These brands are compared against each other according to performance, cost-effectiveness, and durability. In that survey, the brand that reigned supreme is 3M water filter.

3M wins in terms of experience, certification, reliability, innovation, transparency, customer service, and energy conservation. 3M is a very trustworthy company with  Show less

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