TIGER SHARK rare footage -10ft Tiger Shark on the beach sands is put back into water by 3 brave men!

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Uploaded by: Rajesh
on Thu, 28 Aug 2014 20:12:02 IST

Full story: http://karmastop.com/video-of-a-shark-accidentally-caught-being-put-back-into-water-b... Show more

Full story: http://karmastop.com/video-of-a-shark-accidentally-caught-being-put-back-into-water-by-3-brave-men/

These Australian fishermen give a whole new meaning to the phrase,”catch a tiger by the tail!”Just check out these three Australian locals who offered a helping hand to a nine-foot tiger shark that, reportedly, had been caught accidentally from the beaches of Coral Bay.

Using pliers, the group successfully freed the shark from a hook, allowing the animal to return to its oceanic home.While these heroes made the right decision in releasing the tiger, we can only hope that the graceful fish is still swimming free off the coast of her beaching incident–Western Australia.

In 2014, the Western Australia shark cull was implemented with the intent of protecting beach goers from the “threat” of sharks. Despite thousands of protesters expressing their opposition to the cull, over 170 sharks were unnecessarily slaughtered at the hands of human fear.  Show less

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