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SAP ABAP Course Info :

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a programming language that was developed by SAP for developing commercial applications in the SAP environment. In 1970 ABAP stood for release Unicode has been added to support multiple languages and characters, ABAP have also become the programming interface of the SAP Net weaver Application Server, it can also be used alongside Java."AllgemeinerBerichts-AufbereitungsProzessor" (Generic Report Generation Processor), it was micro assembler under R/2 and was used exclusively for creating reports. By mid-1980 ABAP had become a interpreter language, it was an established part of R/2 and was powerful enough to be used to create business application programs. In the 1990's R/3 was born and ABAP become ABAP/4 or Advanced Business Application Programming, a fourth-generation programming language, it now forms the technical and software basis of the entire system, apart from the system core (which  Show less

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