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on Fri, 08 Nov 2013 15:39:24 IST Skyda 8 Vaporizer Pen - Check out the Skyda 8 Vaporizer pen from Skyda!... Show more Skyda 8 Vaporizer Pen - Check out the Skyda 8 Vaporizer pen from Skyda! .

The SKYDA 8 Vaporizer Pen is the ultimate vaporizer system to release the flavor & aroma from herbs, spices, waxes, and essential oils. Every Skyda 8 is made with food safe, flavorless, and heat resistant materials. Built to exceed the daily demands of professionals and connoisseurs, the precise SKYDA 8 heating atomizer gently heats for perfect use.
It gets to the temperature point right below combustion. It is Battery powered, rechargeable, and portable. Also it makes this pen style vaporizer ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor use. You can use this vaporizer pen anywhere! No more vaping for small moments at a time, the SKYDA 8 vapes dry herbs in seconds! It also it comes with a ce5 atomizer that you can use for E-Liquids. There is an optional chamber you can get for oil or wax. This chamber can be found on this site by clicking here *Recommended time for allowing SKYDA 8 to atomi  Show less

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